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We use an online newsletter system that allows you to instantly connect with your customers about special offers, new additions or changes. Using our integrated system you can send out a digital newsletter to all your subscribers quickly and easily.

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See All Media use a professional management tool to allow you to store email databases, add content to beautifully designed templates and send to your cliental. We use monthly email marketing to spread the See All Media word to our cliental with ease. We have also helped clients in an array of industries implement email marketing into their communication strategy and with fantastic results.


Our systems allow subscriber email addresses to be collected and automatically sorted into different databases.


Our custom made systems allow us to utilise built-in analytics that allow us to keep track of what your visitors view. This means we can customise your communications based on this powerful data.


See All Media systems allow you to create groups. This means that specifically targeted newsletters can be sent out to particular groups, and not to others. Our system also allows you to individualise each newsletter with the client’s name, making your communications more personal.


Our software is industry recognised in the email marketing world and will make sure that your email newsletters are not marked as SPAM.


See All Media offer two ways to use our email marketing services; we will either set-up and manage your account for you or alternatively, as our software is designed to be user friendly, we can set-up the account and pass it onto you to use as you wish.


Using online newsletter facilities offers you a big saving on printing and posting of paper copies. This allows us to make use of your budget far more efficiently and spread the cost more effectively. Contact us for more details

Mobile and tablet friendly email newsletters - your customers will love being updated with the latest news and offers!


What is email marketing?

An email newsletter is a branded email that is sent out to your customers. Subscribing to the email newsletter is generally free.

How is it different to just sending an email?

There are many reasons why you should use an email newsletter service when sending out bulk emails, rather than just using your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc).

How often should we send out an email newsletter?

This is going to come down to your industry and the expectations of your customers. As a general rule, you wouldn’t want to be sending out more than one email newsletter a week. For See All Media, the sweet spot is one email a month.

Whatever number you choose, we believe that consistency is the key. Through the analytics we provide through our software, you will be able to determine when your subscribers are clicking!

How do people subscribe to an email newsletter?

How your customers subscribe to your email newsletter is up to you! You may choose to have a subscribe form on your website, or add email addresses that you have already obtained from customers. This is common practice with businesses that already have loyalty programs in place. Through our email marketing software, you can store numerous email databases. This can be handy when you want to target a certain group of people.

But why do I need an email newsletter?

Everyone has a different reason for starting an email newsletter. Common uses for an email newsletter include:

  • Spreading Important events or dates
  • Sales (Use the coupon code ‘enews’ to get 15% off your purchase!)
  • Staying in touch (Just a reminder that we do these services!)
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