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ppc (pay per click) marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising utilises Google’s, Bing's, Facebook's, LinkedIn and various other paid search platforms. PPC positions your website at the top of the Search Engine Results Page for a selection of terms chosen from the keywords and phrases customers typically use to search for your product or service. Each visitor that clicks on your ad is then charged to you, within a monthly budgetary limit that you set.

ppc benefits

  • Businesses can utilise large volumes of search terms, meaning your website is more likely to be seen online.
  • Specifically targeted advertisements can be live online within days, meaning results can be gleaned faster than with SEO.
  • PPC and SEO can be used together in order to increase your website’s visitors and, in turn, your profits. The wider the online marketing target, the more your customers you are likely to accrue.
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we analyse ppc data on a daily basis, meaning, we will ensure you're paying the best price!

how we build money-making campaigns

Understanding your business

See All Media are committed to offering you a bespoke and targeted solution for your needs. We pride ourselves on gaining an understanding of your business, as well as the industry as a whole, before we begin creating a campaign. Gaining as much background understanding as possible before embarking on the project allows us to create a solution that matches your customer’s expectations when searching for your products and services.

Identifying your Products & Services - We determine the unique selling points of your products and services in order to create adverts that highlight these specific features and encourage potential customers to choose you over your competitors.

Understanding your budget - See All Media want to help you see a real return on your investment. It is important to us that we create the best solution possible within your budget. Knowing your budget and margins allows us to effectively bid on keywords and make sure you get the most out of your money.

Building Campaigns

In order to create and run profitable campaigns there are a number of factors to consider. See All Media focus on three ‘core’ techniques in order to manage your account most successfully.

Negative Keywords - Negative keywords inform Google when an advert should not be shown for specified search terms. This is useful to you as it saves you the expense of users clicking on your advertisement when it is not relevant to them and they are unlikely to purchase from you.

Quality Score – Google creates an algorithm to determine a Quality Score. This is based on how relevant your adverts, keywords and landing page are to someone viewing your advert. Quality Scores are useful because they determine your advert position and obtaining a high quality score reduces the cost per click (CPC) to your business.

Click Through Rate – CTR calculates the number of clicks that your adverts receives divided by the number of times you advert is shown (called impressions). A high CTR is a good indication that users find your ads helpful and relevant.

Target Customers

See All Media are experts in utilising your budget in order to maximise on the potential customers visiting and purchasing from your website. We use a range of techniques to do this and gain information from the statistics we analyse to gain a full understanding of the buying patterns of your target market.

Geo targeting - We use our research into your market in order to place your adverts in online locations that your customers are most likely to see them. While this may be a specific country or region, PPC also offers economies of scale allowing you to expand advertising and sales into different countries across the globe.

Landing page optimisation – When a user clicks on your advert, they are directed to a specific page on your website. We ensure the page is the most relevant to your advert to ensure visitors quickly locate what they are looking for and increase the likelihood of sales.

Maintenance & reports

Ongoing Updates - We regularly update your account with changes that improve the effectiveness of your website, such as; updating your keywords, adjusting negative keywords and improving on the quality score of your keywords and CTR.

Monthly Reports – Every month, See All Media create comprehensive reports, updating you on the performance of your PPC campaign.

Budget Management – Your budget is monitored on an ongoing basis in order to ensure your resources are used most effectively on advertising and campaigns.

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