How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Your Content

low competition keywords

Organic traffic is the most obvious way to get traffic to your site. But the internet is a busy place. There are 3.5 billion Google searches per day. How do you stand out among all of the competition? You’ve already researched keywords for your content. The problem with traditional SEO research is it focuses on keywords with […]

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8 Awesome Content Marketing Benefits for Your Business

marketing benefits

Experts used to say that if you’re not going to put yourself online, you’re going to put yourself out of business. Nowadays, it’s not just about being present online, but being engaging and informative, too. Numbers don’t lie. On a weekly basis, one in four people makes a purchase online. That’s a whole lot of […]

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How to Write Website Content for Short Attention Spans

how to write website content

Today’s the day you’re finally going to finish that novel you started months ago, right? Don’t beat yourself up about it. The average attention span typically lasts no more than 8 seconds according to research. That’s less than a goldfish! While this may not bode well for that novel, you can take this powerful fact […]

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Marketing Strategy Examples: Create Your 2017 Content Plan

Marketing Strategy Examples

Before you start reading this, write down five different marketing strategy examples. Done? If you didn’t write down content marketing first, then this article is for you. Your business is about to gain a whole lot more exposure. Put simply, you must integrate content marketing into your 2017 content marketing strategy. There is zero discussion […]

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How to Use Humour In Your Blog to Win Clients

inbound marketing

A famous Marilyn Monroe quote reads, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” Perhaps the same can be said about a content marketer and his or her audience. Using humour in your blog is great for inbound marketing and for building relationships with customers. Relationship building, of course, positively […]

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The 6 Content Marketing Hacks that Create Readable Content

content marketing hacks

Content marketing is part art, part science, and fully difficult, thanks to the shrinking attention span of readers. Studies show that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds (which is, allegedly, shorter than that of a goldfish). Unlike writing for expression or to relay news, content marketing’s purpose is to drive a targeted […]

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Top 10 Content Marketing Tips from Experts

content marketing tips

Marketing strategies used to be more straightforward. Direct mail pieces, billboards, even commercials would reach a large audience, and then? That audience would come to you to do business. Once the direct mailing went out, you captured as many eyes as you were going to with that piece, and you could simply start planning for a […]

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