The 6 Content Marketing Hacks that Create Readable Content

content marketing hacks

Content marketing is part art, part science, and fully difficult, thanks to the shrinking attention span of readers. Studies show that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds (which is, allegedly, shorter than that of a goldfish). Unlike writing for expression or to relay news, content marketing’s purpose is to drive a targeted […]

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Top 10 Content Marketing Tips from Experts

content marketing tips

Marketing strategies used to be more straightforward. Direct mail pieces, billboards, even commercials would reach a large audience, and then? That audience would come to you to do business. Once the direct mailing went out, you captured as many eyes as you were going to with that piece, and you could simply start planning for a […]

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See All Media launching website donation scheme

website donation scheme Cheltenham

Over the last 6 years, See All Media, a web agency in Cheltenham, has supported a lot of local businesses within the Cotswolds. From helping run a local, non-for-profit networking group (Nine Networking) to assisting hundred’s of Gloucestershire based businesses with their online presence. As a happy, positive team of creative specialists, we have decided […]

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Add Google Webmaster Tools to your App Dashboard

webmaster tools

Easy access to Webmaster Tools! Now you can customise the Google App Dashboard for easier navigation across your favourite #Google products. For us at See All Media, it’s been a nightmare to access a fundamental tool for any website – Google Webmaster Tools. Before the recent update, you could only access the Webmaster Tools link via […]

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Major Google Update Coming for Mobile-Friendly Sites

google mobile update

Google is planning a major update in April that will target sites that are not mobile friendly. For sites that have not yet taken the opportunity to upgrade to responsive design, this update could be potentially difficult. This original announcement regarding the upcoming algorithm change was made via a Google blog post stating that more […]

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Why You Should Invest in a Responsive Website

Invest in a Responsive Website

If you are considering updating your website so that it utilises responsive design, then you should know that there are significant benefits associated with having a responsive site. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a responsive website for your business. Make Site Updates Easy Having a separate mobile site from […]

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Choosing Between a Mobile App or a Responsive Website for Your Business

mobile app responsive website

Mobile apps and responsive websites both have their advantages for businesses. However, it can be difficult to decide which option is best. Here are a few points about mobile apps and responsive websites that can help you to make the right decision for your business. You Must Have an Option That Works for Mobile Devices […]

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How Responsive web design Can Improve Your SEO Results

responsive web design

As more people use multiple devices to access the Internet, it is becoming increasingly important to have a website that displays in an optimal format across all devices. Responsive web design has become the standard method for achieving universal access to website content. However, did you know that responsive design can help to improve your […]

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How to Build a Successful Responsive Website for Your Business

If you have already taken the initial step of building a responsive website in order to have a mobile-friendly version of your site, you might be wondering what the next steps of your mobile marketing strategy should be. Unfortunately, many businesses owners are not doing anything at all after building a new responsive site. Simply […]

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How to run a successful Facebook competition

Many people go into a Facebook competition without any real understanding of how to make it a success. The world of Facebook is full of competitions that don’t meet the guidelines of the site, and don’t enjoy the positive outcomes that well run campaigns relish in. So how can you run a successful competition that […]

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Why Facebook and Twitter Are Adding Buy Now Buttons

twitter Facebook buy now buttons

Social media platforms have evolved rapidly as the never-ending search for additional monetisation options continues. Facebook and Twitter have long since emerged from the days of simply being sharing platforms without any real strategies for making money. Currently, both companies are considering a new monetisation strategy with the testing of “Buy Now” buttons. These changes […]

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8 Greatest fears of SEO

seo fears

Using SEO services can be a very risky business, especially if you use one of the many cowboys within the industry, promising you page one rankings in weeks or even days! SEO Even for the SEO experts, who monitor several hundred ranking factors, we know Google has full control and nothing is guaranteed. Referral Candy has produced […]

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How to make SEO improvements by using HTTPS as a ranking signal

https ranking signal seo

Google have officially announced via their online security blog on 6th August 2014 that using https is now a new SEO ranking signal in their search algorithm, becoming the 201st of the potential ranking factors (link here ) that can potentially improve your websites position in Google. Google’s quest to make sure make the web […]

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You must adopt this SEO technique now – Increase Google Ranking

seo infographic

Are you struggling to achieve a top ranking position on Google? It can be very difficult to improve your websites’ ranking if you’re not experienced in several SEO techniques. The following infographic from Brafton, shows why content is very important for on and off-page SEO. Here at See All Media, we like to call it Social […]

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How to Attract High Quality Talent Using LinkedIn

attract high quality talent using linkedIn

LinkedIn, the premier social media site for business professionals, has increasingly become an important resource for human resources professionals. LinkedIn provides a distinct advantage over traditional job posting sites in that human resources professionals have the ability to better screen candidates. In addition, LinkedIn provides human resources professionals with the opportunity to tap into professional […]

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Pinterest Outpaced Facebook As Number 1 Social Network in 2013

pinterest social media

To the surprise of social media analysts everywhere, Pinterest became the number one network in terms of growth in 2013, outpacing social media heavyweight Facebook. Pinterest even eclipsed email as a sharing medium. The growth experienced by Pinterest as social media users continue to carve out followings on niche social media sites. According to the […]

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