Social Media Is Good for SEO

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If you have been wondering if you should jump into the social media arena, then consider this: Google is looking at your social media profiles to determine your site’s ranking. It is no secret that social signals are becoming increasingly important to SEO. But why is social media so much better than link building?

Google does not like forced link building

The slew of search engine updates in 2013 has made it clear that Google does not like forced link building. In 2014, the company will likely continue to update its search engine algorithm so that gaming the search engines with fake links is no longer possible.

Part of the reason that Google hates link building is because of the incentive to spam. With social media, since all of your interactions are real, you will be driving real traffic to your website.

Social media interactions create real links

Using social media to build relationships creates genuine links as a side effect. The links built with social media are genuine because your social media followers have a real interest in your site and will promote it.

Relationships were always the key of the most popular websites

If you consider the past for a moment, search engine rankings were always about sites ranking highly because other sites genuinely wanted to promote their content. Now social media will allow you to have a direct impact on your site’s rankings.

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