5 Most Common Features of Web Design in Cheltenham

web design in cheltenham

In the age of the internet, design means everything.

No matter how great your products and services are in the real world, if you don’t have a strong online presence, you’re in trouble.

Investing in web design is like giving your brand a home.

It is how your company claims an online space, which is necessary to reach your audience. You risk losing much of your market to competitors without it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take on coding and design on your own. There are many professionals with a working knowledge of the best designs to boost business.

Here are five things to know about web design in Cheltenham.

1. Easy to Understand Navigation

You only have a few seconds to catch a user’s attention before they lose interest.

Keep your bounce rates low and make your conversions rise by hooking people on your home page. Try using a visual hierarchy to make your main points stand out. Also, make sure your calls to action are clearly communicated.

Your user should not have to do any guesswork to find your contact information, product lines, or testimonials.

In fact, the best navigation is created to feel natural.

The professionals call this UI design, which stands for user interaction.

UI is all about making online tasks as time-efficient and intuitive as possible. It draws users in using strategic visuals and creating micro-interactions.

Micro-interactions are the prime example of responsive systems at work.

They are as common as a red heart on Instagram when you “like” something. They’re also as interesting as the new commands on the iPhone X.

These interactions simplify how users to operate your website. They break barriers and make it easier to get to know your brand.

2. Geometric Elements

Another way to draw users in is to use geometric shapes.

This rising trend has seen such success it has become its own world of design. Flat design is a timeless take on digital aesthetics.

It creates powerful messages without a busy layout.

However, not every firm offering web design in Cheltenham knows how to do this.

Flat design has its roots in the use of simple shapes, lines, and curves.

Designers can overlap these elements or space them out, depending on what they want users to do.

Overlapping makes the main point of a landing page stand out. Separating helps create a comparison between different subjects, like product offerings and services. Lines and curves establish a flow of information, instead of presenting everything at once.

The ultimate goal is to make something beautiful and engaging by bringing a 2D world to life.

3. Photo and Video

One of the most popular ways flat design keeps users interested is by drawing attention to photos and videos.

Visual content is not only about graphic design anymore. Companies are increasingly posting photos of their team and products all over their landing pages.

It makes them more transparent, which many users appreciate. Photo and video take advantage of digital introductions to leave a lasting impression.

You can give users a tour of your office or put a face to the name of the person they’ve been emailing. Maybe post a behind the scenes clip of what a day at work looks like.

The point is to offer an exclusive look into your brand. Paint the full picture of who you are and what you can do.

Your team of choice for web design in Cheltenham may also suggest videos of your clients.

These kind of testimonials are much more engaging. Instead of offering users a quote, you can present a non-biased opinion on the services you promise.

However you consider adding these visual elements into your strategy, have fun with it. Ask yourself what makes you stand out, then display it front and centre.

If you have a quirky team, use props in your website headshots.

If you just came out with a new product line, get special photos done for it.

No matter if you are running an e-commerce site or starting a law firm, users are looking for you. Show them who you really are with professional photo and video content.

4. Bright Colors

As your site starts to come together, don’t be afraid to add a little pop of colour.

The most important tones to use are those already associated with your brand, but don’t stop there.

Consider adding a gradient to some of your design ideas.

Gradients are a perfect way to tie together everything on a landing page as users scroll up and down. Or, you can use them on smaller elements to make them stand out, like buttons or shape backgrounds.

If solid colours are more your style, try a bold colour contrast.

This is an unexpected touch users won’t expect, and it can make all the difference. Contrasting creates texture. It makes users want to keep reading text or click on another product package.

As classic as black and white can be, colours make everything more intriguing.

Play with different shades and see how refreshing your website setup becomes. The right use of colour can bring design to life and give it you “wow” factor you might be missing.

5. Animation

If you really want to make things come alive, try using animation.

Animation is not to be overdone, but a sliding logo here or a pop-up box there can go a long way.

With this design element, regular interactions become special moments.

Users feel more engaged as they search your site. This applies to anything from navigating landing pages to finding your contact information.

This area of web design might cost a bit more, but the investment is well worth it. Think of it like the bow wrapped around your strategy.

It will tie everything together with a fun, creative approach.

Specialists Available for Web Design in Cheltenham

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