Major Google Update Coming for Mobile-Friendly Sites

google mobile update

Google is planning a major update in April that will target sites that are not mobile friendly. For sites that have not yet taken the opportunity to upgrade to responsive design, this update could be potentially difficult. This original announcement regarding the upcoming algorithm change was made via a Google blog post stating that more mobile-friendly websites will appear in search results. This update will be made starting April 21, 2015 and is expected to last at least a few days to a week.

What This Change Means for Site Owners

This update could result in big changes in organic traffic for many site owners. Unfortunately, many websites on the Internet still are not mobile-friendly. These sites could see significant changes in organic search engine results as the update is rolled out.

The percentage of incoming site traffic that is the result of mobile searches has been steadily increasing to the point where some estimates claim that over 60 percent of all traffic comes from mobile users. This is why Google is taking the opportunity to address user experience concerns for mobile users with this update.

According to Google, this update will have a larger effect on websites than either Panda or Penguin. The Panda and Penguin updates notoriously caused major issues for site owners that did not make the changes that Google had previously suggested were best for search engine optimisation. Many site owners saw dramatic change in organic rankings. In addition, their search engine results were not easily recovered as they were forced to make significant changes in order to re-gain rankings.

App Owners Can Benefit From This Update

While the changes might prove difficult for site owners who haven’t bothered to make any changes, app owners can clearly benefit from this update. Google has revealed that more content that is relevant to apps will also appear in search results following this important update. The information will come from apps that have been indexed and will appear in special results that will be displayed for users that are currently signed-in to the apps.

For app publishers that want to benefit from these changes, they will need to make sure that their apps are properly indexed. This will ensure that their app’s content is included. In addition, since apps are inherently mobile-friendly, app publishers will already be ahead of the game on this update.

How to Prepare for this Algorithm Update

If you are concerned about how your site might perform following this update, Google is trying to help users make the transition by offering two tools to check websites. These tools are Mobile-Friendly Test and the Mobile Usability Report that is located in Google’s Webmaster tools.

google responsive update April 21 2015

In addition, site owners should upgrade to a responsive site immediately in order to avoid being impacted by the updates. Since responsive websites often involve a much more limited version of a site on some devices, it is a good idea to work with a web designer in order to optimise your new site so that it provides an effective user experience regardless of the device being used.

After your responsive design site has been created, you should test your site with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test in order to get it up-to-date on the latest recommended optimisation tips. The tool will tell you what to do in order to fix your site if there are still problems.

User Experience Is Essential to Web Design in 2015

The announcement of these latest updates proves that user experience is something that is extremely important to Google. Therefore, you should make it one of your top objectives as a site owner to provide an excellent user experience to your site visitors. Upgrading to a responsive design is essential if you want your business to remain competitive online.

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