How to make SEO improvements by using HTTPS as a ranking signal

https ranking signal seo

Google have officially announced via their online security blog on 6th August 2014 that using https is now a new SEO ranking signal in their search algorithm, becoming the 201st of the potential ranking factors (link here ) that can potentially improve your websites position in Google.

Google’s quest to make sure make the web and in particular  websites that can be accessed through Google are more secure, has seen them promoting a drive to see an increasing number of websites using HTTPS in the future.  To encourage this they are now using HTTPS as a ranking signal with the aim ” to keep everyone safe on the web”.

Although for now they have stated that it will carry “less weight than other signals such as high-quality content”  Google have also intimated that they may decide to push HTTPS higher up the ranking scale. Whilst we don’t know exactly when this change in protocol will officially take place it is likely it will happens in the not to distance future while they ” give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS”.

Whatever your opinion on Google we advise that you take this opportunity to improve your potential ranking on the Google Search Engine and SEO. See All Media will keep monitoring the details that Google publish on HTTPS and update our blog with the details.

What does this mean for your website? – if your website does not have an SSL certificate your ranking position on Google is not optimised and whilst the effect may be minimal currently we would expect the consequence of not having an SSL over the coming months to decrease your ranking. If you require your website to be upgraded to HTTPS or are not sure or if your website is already serving on HTTPS, we can test its security level and configuration for you and assist you with upgrading if required.

By upgrading your current hosting package to our UK based secure servers we can immediately install an SSL certificate which will not only give you added security and protection but immediately improve your SEO ranking. Let See All Media take care of the details so you don’t have to.