10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Local SEO Services

local SEO services

It’s no mystery. Local SEO services are here to stay.

And why’s that?

Research shows that out of the people who conducted a local search on their smartphones, 76% of them visited the store within 24 hours.

Even better, 28% made a purchase.

But let’s say your small business isn’t raking in high customer engagement and sales. Perhaps your local SEO strategy needs some tweaking. Or maybe you could benefit from local SEO services.

Perhaps your local SEO strategy needs some tweaking. Or maybe you could benefit from local SEO services.

That said, read on to find out the ways your business can benefit from local SEO services.

But first, why do local SEO services matter?

You’ve heard this buzzword (more like buzzphrase). But, unlike some, this isn’t all hype.

How so?

Do this test with a friend.

Type “coffee” into Google. Have your friend who lives in a different location do the same.

We bet that your search results are different than your friend’s.

The reality is, Google creates a customized search for its users based on several factors.

These include the type of search that’s conducted—Google maps, images, videos, news…

Plus, the links you previously clicked on. And the previous devices you’ve used to conduct searches.

For instance, mobile-friendly sites are given a higher priority when it comes to mobile searches.

And, yes, Google does factor in location.

Because a person searching for “pet food” in Montreal, Canada won’t have a use for pet stores in Miami, Florida.

Which brings us back to why local SEO is important. That said, here are the ways your business can benefit.

1. Add the location to your keywords

Let’s say you’re selling paint supplies and are targeting people living in New Haven, Connecticut. To bolster your local SEO efforts, add “New Haven” and “Connecticut” to your keywords.

So, some of your keywords could be “paint supplies New Haven” or “paint brushes New Haven.”

That way, when someone living in or passing through New Haven wants to find a local art store selling paint supplies, you’ll pop up.

While this is a great way to increase your local SEO results, make sure the location doesn’t confuse customers.

You don’t want users to think your paint supplies only apply to people living in New Haven.

Also, note you will need to make adjustments to your keyword list on a weekly or monthly basis.

That said, tracking, adding, and adjusting keywords does take time. Which is why an SEO business can help you out.

2. Write local content

To insert those location keywords we talked about, write locally targeted content on your blog.

This not only increases your local search engine results but demonstrates your credibility to your target audience.

It doesn’t stop with one blog post.

Make sure you consistently update your site with local content at least once a week.

3. Guest post on popular local sites

Essentially you’re “borrowing” someone else’s audience.

This especially helps increase your reach. And is a great starting point if you don’t have many visitors on your website.

To do this, pitch content to the website owner.

Sometimes websites will have a “Write for us” section. If not, email works.

4. Incorporate location keywords in reviews

Responding to customer reviews is not only a great way to show that you care but is an effective opportunity to embed those location keywords.

This will maximize your local SEO efforts.

(Don’t know where to start? You can always contact a company who specializes in local SEO services.)

5. Reviews, reviews, reviews

Reviews matter…a lot.

When you want to try out a new restaurant, where do you look? Yelp.

When you need to hire someone for a service, what site do you go to? Angie’s List.

The truth is, review websites are now becoming the gateway to more customers and sales.

As mentioned before, a little over three-quarters of smartphone users that conducted local searches visited the store within a day.

So, not putting your small business on review sites will hinder your profits.

Because, going along with the statistic, less than one-quarter of people (who use smartphones) may purchase your product or service.

Also, people who review your product or service will help improve your SEO efforts. They’ll do this by including the product or service name and the business name into the review.

6. Respond to negative reviews

Yes, responding to negative reviews will help your local SEO.

(Read on to find out how!)

What you don’t do is not respond to negative reviews about your product or service.

This will show potential and past customers that you don’t value customer service. Which will cause your business to lose consumers.

Instead, respond. And do so in a time-appropriate manner. Meaning within 24-48 hours after the negative review has been posted.

Tell the unhappy customer you’re sorry about what happened. And then ask for their email address to further understand the situation and the best way to make it up to them.

You want to show you care to the public, but handle the details of the situation in private.

How negative reviews helps your local SEO

You want to handle the negative review as quickly and effectively as possible.

Remember when we said the customer normally mentions the product or service name in their review?

Well, this goes out to negative reviews too.

Know that reviews do come up when users are searching for the product or service.

You don’t want potential customers to first see the negative review.

To combat this, settle the unhappy customer’s complaint and then ask them if they can either take the negative review down. Or respond to it, saying the situation has been resolved.

That way, your local SEO efforts aren’t damaged.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing still applies to local SEO. It’s the cheapest inbound marketing technique with the highest return on investment.

So, do an email marketing campaign. As this could not only increase your sales but website traffic.

8. Up that speed

Did you know 29% of smartphone users switch to another site or application if the load time is too slow?

That’s nearly one-third! Increase it.

9. Social media

Use local SEO keywords on your social media platforms. Enough said.

10. Participate in relevant, local events

Go old school. Spread the word about your business by partaking in local events. This will not just be a great stage to tell locals about your product or service but is good PR.

Which will strengthen your brand’s image.

Want more information how your business can benefit from local SEO services?

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