How to Sell on Instagram Live and Earn New Customers

how to sell on instagram

Instagram is a hot commodity on the social media scene. The company has grown immensely since its days as an unknown photo sharing app.

December 2016 marked the milestone achievement of 600 million users, with 100 million of those users joining in the previous 6 months. Now that’s what we call rapid growth.

Marketers need to take notice of Instagram now, because that growth isn’t slowing anytime soon. In fact, Instagram is only expanding its platform.

The photo sharing giants just released their answer to live video streaming, Instagram Live.

The live feature looks to bring B2C communication to the next level. Wondering how to sell on Instagram in today’s world? This is your answer.

Wondering how to sell on Instagram in today’s world? This is your answer.

Pushing live video content is the next big thing in connecting with your consumers and cultivating new sales.

We’re breaking down all you need to know about how to sell on Instagram and why you should invest in this marketing platform early and often.

How to Sell On Instagram Live

The Basics

First thing is first. Companies need to understand the basics of Instagram Live before planning their marketing strategies. You have to walk before you run, as they say.

Companies need to understand the basics of Instagram Live before planning their marketing strategies. You have to walk before you run, as they say.

The live feature works by bringing your Instagram stories to life. If you’re not familiar, the stories page lets users publish short video clips for the world to see.

Back in August 2016, Instagram did something genius and started using an algorithm to curate stories content, but more on that later.

Instagram Live takes stories a step further and allows users to broadcast their daily lives to other users.

Simply “go live,” with the push of a button and other people can see your stream. Your friends will also receive notifications about your stream if their settings allow them.

Stream viewers can add comments during your video with text or emojis, making the platform viable for real-time communication with consumers.

Your live story will also disappear as soon as you’re done streaming. Don’t worry if you stumble over your words or do something silly, your video won’t go viral.

Opening Your Business to Consumers

Businesses both large and small can make excellent use of Instagram Live by endearing their product to consumers.

The live aspect of the platform makes for an unparalleled way to broadcast your ideas with a genuine human element. We’re talking about making that human-to-human connection that’s often lost across screens.

There is no editing, no polished content, just raw interaction where what you say is what you mean. No “taking it back” or pretending you didn’t mean it.

This might seem scary to business owners, but it’s what your customers want. Research indicates that when a company is deemed “authentic,” their customers are generally higher value and more loyal.

If nothing else, use Instagram Live to show the inner workings of your company. People want to see what goes on behind the public relations jargon.

Show your office space, your production facilities, candid shots of your company in action. Anything that conveys your company isn’t another soulless corporation.

If the people trust your business, the sales will follow.

Targeted Marketing

Instagram’s algorithm revolutionized its stories platform. Using data from its own users, plus from parent company Facebook, the company now serves users content based on likes, dislikes, location and more.

We’re excited about this algorithm not for Instagram Stories, but for Instagram Live. The live stories appear and are curated in the same way as the traditional stories.

Hello targeted marketing with zero effort. Instagram Live combined with the company’s algorithm will do half of your marketing for you.

We’re looking to promote brand awareness at niche events to capitalize on this gift. Getting your products on stream at local events will ensure Instagram users see what you’re selling.

For example, a company selling musical instruments and apparel should show up at local concerts and live stream.

Anyone in the vicinity of that concert who’s into local music will have concert streams pushed to their stories feed.

This means your product’s live stream shows up as well. Now you’re associating your product with “cool” local music.

But the best part? You’re only targeting people already interested in your niche. The more eyes on your product, the more sales, and eventually the more new customers.

Your Existing Audience

Chances are you already have an Instagram account, and if you don’t, you probably have at least Facebook. How to sell on Instagram comes down to capitalizing on that existing audience.

If you don’t have Instagram, sign up and get your Facebook friends following you, now! If you do have an Instagram, keep reading.

Part of what sets Instagram Live apart from Snapchat is your outreach potential. This means your own followers, and the 600 million people with Instagram accounts.

For comparison sake, Snapchat has 100 million daily active users, while Instagram has 300 million.

What’s more, those 300 million daily active users are as new to Instagram Live as your company. The platform is just developing and it’s the perfect opportunity to join your users on the ride.

Translate your new live followers into sales. Consider running promotions accessible only to those who watch the live stream. Not only are you boosting sales, but enticing new users as well.

Interest in live is already high, so capitalize! You have the bait, now set the hook.

In Conclusion…

How to sell on Instagram today is all about utilizing the new live platform. The interest is much too high to let it slip by the wayside.

Companies of any size can capitalize on the opportunity to deepen their customer interactions.

We said it before, but we’ll repeat ourselves just one more time. Instagram is doing the marketing for you.

It’s not often that a social media company rolls out a platform that helps companies target users for free.

Stay transparent, target your marketing, and capitalize on your existing audience and the sales will follow.

If you’re in the market for an all-in-one digital marketing company, get in contact with us. Our team is well versed in all things marketing, and especially how to sell on Instagram.