Top 5 Ways A Local SEO Company Can Rock Your Marketing

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If you operate a small business and are struggling to increase traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store, a lack of local SEO knowledge may be to blame.

Maybe you’re targeting keywords that are too broad. Or you’re wasting time and energy on paid advertisements that end up getting in front of tons of web surfers who are unlikely to ever become your customers, either because of their location or demographic.

Local SEO strategies help to narrow your target audience and deliver your business directly to local customers running searches for businesses like yours online.

Keep reading to see how a local SEO company can help boost your marketing strategies in ways that a non-local expert never could. We’re breaking down the five greatest ways that a local company can help.

1. Customers Run Local Searches to Find Businesses

When it comes to finding local businesses, most clients and customers prefer to search online. Phone books and word of mouth are ways of the past.

Google’s algorithms prioritize local businesses when web surfers run a search. Thanks to GPS-locating smartphones, tablets, and even laptops, the web surfer doesn’t even need to type in the city, state, or area that they are located at in order to run a local search.

For instance, if a web surfer has GPS location turned on the device they’re using, and they type in the words “Thai restaurants,” Google will generate the top local results first.

In a way, Google is adding keywords to the web surfer’s search. These added keywords then prompt the delivery of websites that are optimized for those keywords. Those websites that show up at the top are using SEO strategies.

Another example, say a local business focuses on promoting the keywords “New York City Thai restaurant” through SEO strategies. They would be rewarded by being included in the results when a web surfer searched for only the words “Thai restaurant,” as long as that web surfer was within New York City when they ran that search.

A local SEO company understands these algorithms, the searches that web surfers are likely to run, and the SEO strategies that you need to increase traffic. Web-based SEO companies won’t understand your specific area and keywords. A local SEO company will know exactly which tactics will work best for your company.

2. Organic Growth Beats Paid Advertising Every Time

As a small local business, you are unlikely to have an endless budget for marketing. This means that you need to choose the marketing tactics that will make the most of your budget.

Many small businesses choose to invest in paid advertising. They usually assume that organic strategies for boosting traffic will take too long and require too much work. If they are considering outsourcing that SEO work, they may assume that because of the high amount of work, it will be very costly.

But the reality is that paid ads do not generate the same return on investment that SEO and other organic strategies can provide.

More than 70 percent of the local links that web surfers click are organic results rather than paid advertising.

Investing in the services of a local SEO company will help you net results that you can’t achieve with paid advertisements.

3. Mobile Internet Use is Catching Up

Laptops and desktops used to be the primary source that web surfers used to run local and non-local searches.

But as smartphones become more advanced and easier to surf the web with, they are increasingly taking over as the primary way to access the internet.

In fact, 87 percent of all smartphone users utilize their device to run a search on a search engine daily. That means millions of mobile searches are occurring every few hours.

With the rise of mobile searching, it is even more important for small businesses to utilize local SEO searches. That’s because a majority of the searches run on mobile devices are likely those looking for local businesses.

Consider the searches that you run on your own smartphone.

When you’re out looking for dinner, you use your cell to search for the best restaurants. If you’re traveling, you use it to look for fun attractions or hotels. If you’re meeting up with friends for a night out, you might use your cell to find the address of a club.

A local SEO company will understand that targeting the mobile searchers that your potential customers run is essential to boosting traffic to your site and to your brick-and-mortar location.

4. An Understanding of Local Trends

While similar businesses located in different parts of the world may utilize similar keywords or SEO strategies, each one’s marketing strategies will be slightly different, thanks to local trends.

This can include certain keywords, phrases, and slang terms that are popular in an area, and that need to be included in the targeted keywords. It can include cultural differences that require specialized web design.

No matter what your area’s unique trends are, a local SEO company will be able to help ensure that your marketing strategy takes them into account. Which is something that an online-based, non-local SEO company would never be able to do.

5. Other Local Advertising Tactics are Falling Out of Favor

Print advertisements in newspapers, entries in phone books, and even posters or mailers were once the primary way that businesses boosted local traffic.

But now, even the most classic advertising methods are falling out of favor.

If your small business continues to rely on these tactics, you need help. A local SEO company will be able to help bring your business’s marketing strategies into the 21st century and onto the web.

Find a Local SEO Company Today

A local SEO company and local SEO strategies will help boost traffic to both your website and to business’ brick-and-mortar location. By paying attention to local trends, accounting for mobile traffic, and other strategies, you’ll reap the benefits of organic clicks, which help to generate more solid leads.

If you’re ready to see how local SEO can make a difference for your business, contact us today!