How to Craft Awesome PPC Ad Copy

ppc ad copy

The right pay per click (PPC) ad copy and conversions go hand-in-hand, the problem is just getting there.

It takes a lot of brainstorming and research to get your PPC ad copy to stand out among the crowd.

However, it’s not impossible and you really don’t have to be extremely creative to produce quality results.

Crafting the PPC copy that kills just takes knowing your consumer and answering their questions, with keywords and quality scores aside.

It’s all about standing out among your competitors and winning that conversion. After all, that’s what PPC advertising is all about.

Stay tuned to learn how to write the awesome PPC ad copy you’ve always wanted.

How to make your PPC ad copy stand out:

Showcase what makes your company different

In order to get your audience to click on your ad, you need to show them what makes your company better than the others. Also, know as your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

Include somewhere in your text/headline how your company outranks the competition. Give them a reason to click on your ad over the others.

The point you make must be something that relates to why your customers were searching for you in the first place.

If you’re an affordable family restaurant, show them why they should visit your restaurants over the rest.

Ultimately, anything that makes your business more credible than the others, include in your PPC ad copy.

Do keyword research to better understand your audience & competitors

While it’s not all about including keywords, to write awesome ad copy, you need to recognise what your audience is looking for.

Did you know that the keywords relating to your particular product or service won’t necessarily be the ones to use in your PPC ad?

Since PPC ads show up when users are searching generic questions, you get a lot more search results. And these results aren’t necessarily your usual competition.

While other affordable family restaurants usually serve as your competition, if your user is searching “affordable food,” they will likely get some grocery stores and other services showing up.

So on the other side of this, use SEO tools to identify what exactly your users are searching for and how they are searching.

Once you have this knowledge, you can include it in your ad copy headline and description.

Always include a CTA

A big mistake people make when coming up with PPC ad copy is not including a CTA.

CTA’s don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. You need some sort of wording that’ll encourage your audience to take action and that’s through a carefully crafted CTA.

Instead of something generic like “learn more” or “buy now,” get more specific with it.

If the searcher is looking to order and get a pizza delivered, use a CTA like “Order now to get your pizza in less than 30 minutes.”

This tells the searcher exactly what they are going to get when they click on your ad.

Your CTA and the overall solution your audience is looking for should go hand-in-hand.

Be overly specific and current

The last thing you want your ad copy to do is to be out of date and mimic what the competitors are saying.

It’s always better to be specific and keep searchers interested by using current facts.

Users find things much more reliable and interesting when they are current. If your ad is talking about affordable car insurance, show your consumer how much money an average consumer saved in the recent month.

This will resonate much deeper with your audience.

Along with this, users always like to see relevant, specific numbers. This shows them that you have proven results and are the real deal.

If you’re selling car insurance, show them your current rates and how much cheaper you are than others.

When you show people that you are honest, they will trust you much more, resulting in a click and hopefully conversion.

Another reason to be overly specific is to have your PPC ad copy stand out among your competitors. Studies have shown that when there are multiple similar headlines (also known as

Studies have shown that when there are multiple similar headlines (also known as choice fatigue), a searcher will go with a unique one.

Don’t mess around with formatting

Did you know that formatting and grammar actually makes a difference in crafting awesome ad copy?

Every word and punctuation mark you write should be taken into consideration, whether it be uppercasing, lowercasing or using commas.

If you’re using lowercase letters for your title, users will get turned off and go right past your ad.

A study in 2014 showed us that users prefer title-case and especially more on mobile.

And, always use the correct punctuation. You never know when your text is going to spill onto another line or go into a single line. Punctuation needs to be there to help your readers understand.

All in all, you don’t have the leeway to mess up on your formatting. You need to make a great first impression and formatting is just the starting point.

Also, consider using phonetics and question type headlines to draw your audience in.

Test, test, test your ad copy

We saved the best for last. Crafting awesome PPC ad copy often doesn’t happen on the first try, it takes lots of testing and refining.

You have to be open to trying new things and changing one element of your PPC ad every cycle.

Copy testing is critical because time and time again it’s shown that something you may not have loved isn’t working for your audience. On the other hand, something you may have hated could end up killing CTR’s.

There’s no way you could know this and have the ability to create the awesome copy if it wasn’t for testing.

When copy testing, remember to test local vs. national segmentation, mobile vs. desktop, and use the correct sample sizes and metrics.

Consider testing your headline, the way you lay out numbers, your UVP, your URL, your CTA, your punctuation and more.

Win your leads now

With the tools to create awesome PPC ad copy, it’s time to show your company what you’ve got.

Remember that it’s about standing out from your competitors and differentiating yourself in as many ways as possible.

Writing ad copy is certainly never boring and you can make it a fun process.

When you open yourself up to trying different things and adjust them based on results, your closer to finding the conversions you’ve always been looking for.

Start putting these tips together to win your leads — the time is now!

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