10 Reasons You Should Invest In B2B Lead Generation Software

b2b lead generation software

Technology is changing the face of marketing at lightning speed, but there’s one basic element that remains the same: the quest to generate potential leads.

Your business depends on having someone to sell products or services to. You may have the most beautifully designed website ever created, but if no one visits it there’s really no point.

In Gloucestershire, we are experiencing a huge growth in new businesses. Now is the time to promote your B2B product or service.

In the past, seeking B2B leads involved a lot of time and effort. Cold calls were the norm, and it took a special type of person to do them.

Thankfully technology has relieved us of much of that burden. By using SEO and an effective content marketing strategy, we can reach new B2B clients without ever picking up the phone.

But once they visit, how do we convert their interest to action?

This is where B2B lead generation software can help. Read on for 10 reasons why your business should invest in B2B lead generation software.

1. Everyone is online

Just like B2C sales, B2B purchases are increasingly moving online, with 94% of B2B purchasers doing online research before making contact.

B2B lead generation software collects information on those businesses visiting your site in real time, providing valuable insights both on who they are and how effective your website is at keeping their attention.

2. Maximise efficiency

You have a talented sales staff. Don’t waste their time (and your money) on chasing poor quality leads and cold calls.

B2B lead generation software tracks which businesses have visited our website by their IP address. Many programs maintain a database which will give you not only the business name, but also emails and phone information for key contacts within that business.

Automation of initial contact and information gathering frees up your sales team to do what they do best: connect with the customer who is ready to act.

3. Nurturing leads

B2B lead generation software can be incredibly helpful for nurturing the best leads before handing them over to sales.

It can take 7 to 13 “touches” before a B2B lead is qualified as sales ready.

Lead generation software can help you manage potential leads by using a multi-channel approach to generate and evaluate interest before customers are approached by sales.

4. Measure website performance

Tracking the behaviour of business visitors to your website can tell you a lot about how well your website is working.

Which pages or posts engage visitors? Which ones seem to deter them from staying on your site? Use this information to improve your site -it’s your main calling card in today’s market and you should make sure it’s working to provide the best user experience to convert visitors into customers.

5. Enhance sales to current customers

You notice a business you already have a relationship with has visited your site again.

Knowing what they’ve viewed can give you valuable insight into further needs they may have that you can meet. This can lead to more B2B sales with existing customers.

6. Tailor your sales approach

Using B2B lead generation software allows you to individually target and tailor your sales approach to potential customers.

Instead of sending out mass emails to a very large group, you can make sure your materials are going to the right person in the right company to hear your message. Knowing your leads gives you the opportunity to make that message more specific and interesting than a mass mailing could possibly be.

7. Know where your lead is at in the buying process

Just because someone visited your site doesn’t mean they are ready to buy.

To generate good quality leads, you want to go after the visitors who are interacting and willing to share some contact information.

A multi-channel approach can include offering webinars, online chat, or sign up requirements for free content you provide.

B2B lead generation software can track visitors use of these features. They more they use the more likely they are ready to convert to customers.

8. Immediate results

Do you hate waiting for feedback? This technology is for you.

B2B lead generation software provides you with information in real time – you don’t have to wait to know how people are using your website.

That means you can time your sales approach to answer their questions and meet their interest right now, not a week later when they’ve moved on in their research process.

9. Stay ahead of your competitors

Whether you like it or not, you can bet that someone else in your field is already using this technology.

You may love your website just the way it is, but if your competitor is using their website more effectively they are going to get the leads that you could have had.

Modern marketing requires us to always be at the top of our game, and using automated lead generation is definitely essential for B2B marketing in 2017.

10. You can afford it

Your marketing budget may be very large, or maybe not so much. Either way, the real question is: can I afford not to?

Factor in the cost savings in staff time spent researching, pursuing cold leads, competitive edge and then add in the potential improvements you can make to your website with information gained through B2B lead generation software.

It’s easy to see that this technology provides a high rate of ROI.

That said, it doesn’t work alone.

Getting the most out of B2B lead generation software

Ultimately, your digital campaign is going to require a whole toolkit to generate the best conversion results.

As mentioned above, you need an SEO plan to attract visitors, excellent website design and development to optimise customer engagement and experience, and great content to provide value to visitors so they’ll come back repeatedly, even if they’re not yet ready to buy.

As leaders in digital marketing for Cheltenham, Gloucester, and surrounding areas, we offer our in-house B2B Lead Generation software and a full range of marketing and SEO services.

Contact us today for your personalised quote or for more information on how we can help you generate more B2B leads.