10 Tips On Creating Unique Content For Your Website

unique content

Your company is unlike any other. So why should your website content look like everyone else’s?

Our brains are wired to like new things, and seeing novelty on the web is no different. Keeping your content unique is key to keeping your customers interested.

Not sure how to make your content stand out? Read on for ten tips for creating unique content that will keep your clients clicking.

1. Keep Things Current

Why should your customers keep coming back if your site is always the same? They’ll return if they know that the content is going to be up to date with news that’s unique to the company.

Keep your web content updated and keep posting new content. If you don’t have a blog, create one. They’re a great way to update your clients, even if it’s only once a month.

If your site has a blog, though, posting more than once a day could do wonders for your monthly metrics. Your customers will keep coming back when they know they’ll get unique content each time.

2. Use Unique Buzzwords

Strong, actionable words that speak to your mission will make your website stand out against others that simply describe the mission and services.

In fact, you should make it a practice to create short, punchy, and even funny content that will attract readers with short attention spans.

You can also use tools like Google Trends or BuzzSumo to see what words are trending in your industry and incorporate those into your site. Keeping up with trending keywords is also essential for having a strong SEO strategy.

3. Go with What You’re Good At

What’s going on with your industry lately? You’re probably keeping up with it, but is your website keeping up with it as well? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to turn your website into a resource for your clients.

You and your company are uniquely positioned to respond to the news and relay it to your audience as an expert. Use your blog to do this, and your customers will keep coming back for your hot take.

You’ll also earn their trust, boosting the chances that they’ll click to learn more about who you are and what you do.

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4. Use Your Own Photos and Videos

Stock images are a dime a dozen on websites, but what if you used pictures that no one else has? Use high-quality images that demonstrate what your company does and whom it serves, including images of people that your customers can relate to.

Videos are also a great way to demonstrate your company’s unique mission, and they are a huge driver of traffic.

You can also mix things up with slideshows and infographics, or by incorporating social media threads into your website. You may even want to consider creating a mascot for your site.

5. Show, Don’t Tell

If your site is filled with dry statistics on what you’ve done to help serve your clients, it’s time to change to a story-driven strategy.

What if instead of telling your clients that you had a 90% satisfaction rate last year, you shared a story of a customer that was really helped by your product or service?

Studies have shown that human brains are geared towards stories more than data. And the good news is, your clients’ stories are completely unique content, so they will be found nowhere else.

6. Include a Unique Call to Action

A person who visits your site and reads all about your company shouldn’t leave without knowing what to do with that information.

Now that they’re on your site, it’s a perfect time to engage them with a call to action, while informing your users about the services your company provides.

Ask customers to contact you to learn more about how you can help them, or ask them to sign up for a newsletter or a free service. This is a good opportunity to creatively position your company and your services on the website.

7. Focus on Headlines

Headlines are the attention-grabbers for your site, and they’re a great way to demonstrate your company’s mission in a unique way.

It can be easy to neglect how important headlines are for a site, but headlines are what drive readers to read on: eight out of ten will read your headline, but only two out of ten will continue on to the rest of the text.

Write blog post titles and headlines that are under eight words and are 55 characters or shorter, and use catchy action words to engage your readers.

8. Play with Website Design

If your website looks like everyone else’s, then your audience won’t think your company does anything different.

Create a web design that draws the reader toward your unique content and mission. Make sure your website evolves with the times: an old, user-unfriendly site will not inspire confidence.

If you have a blog, format blog posts in engaging ways. Listicles have gained a bad reputation, but science has proven their effectiveness in drawing readers in.

9. Unique Audience, Unique Content

Just like how your company is unique, your audience is as well, and your content should be geared toward them.

If you’re struggling to figure out what your clients would like to see on your website, go back to the source. Look at comments, frequently asked questions, and trending topics on your site to see what your readers are interested in seeing.

Tools like Google Analytics can be helpful in figuring out what type of person is reading your site. You can cater unique content to that audience by looking at when they read, what they read, and what they don’t.

10. Do What Others Aren’t

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Your competition can be a great resource to look at what’s trending in websites in your industry, and what’s working for their websites.

They can also give you an insight on what not to do, i.e., the exact same thing. Your company is different from any other, and your website content should reflect that.

Have questions about how to keep your customers clicking with unique content? Contact us, and be sure to leave comments below.